The Brian May Band Biography

Brian May Band photograph
The Brian May Band, 1993
Left to right: Cozy Powell, Jamie Moses, Shelley Preston, Brian May, Cathy Porter, Spike Edney, Neil Murray


The Brian May Band was formed in 1992 by Brian to perform live shows to promote his 'Back To The Light' album and later 'Another World'. They have toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australasia, performing both Brian's solo and Queen material, while Spike Edney and Jamie Moses were later recruited to perform with Queen + Paul Rodgers throughout Europe, the USA and Japan, between 2005 and 2008.

A live album and video were released of the band at the Brixton Academy in 1994, while a couple of tracks from a promo show in Paris in 1998 were released on a Japanese only album 'Red Special'. Various members of the band have also appeared on Brian's solo albums, and come from a large number of notable rock groups.

Members for the 1992 South American Tour:
Drums: Cozy Powell
Guitar: Mike Caswell
Keyboards: Spike Edney
Bass: Neil Murray
Backing Vocalists: Maggie Ryder, Miriam Stockley and Chris Thompson

Members for the 1993 'Back To The Light' World Tour:
Drums: Cozy Powell
Guitar: Jamie Moses
Keyboards: Spike Edney
Bass: Neil Murray
Backing Vocalists: Cathy Porter and Shelley Preston
This line-up (without Cathy and Shelley) appear together on three of Brian's solo recordings from 'Another World', namely 'Slow Down', 'Maybe Baby' and 'Only Make Believe'.

Members for the 1998 'Another World' World Tour:
Drums: Eric Singer
Guitar: Jamie Moses
Keyboards: Spike Edney
Bass: Neil Murray
Backing Vocals: Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas


Neil Murray photograph

Neil Murray

has been in every line-up of The Brian May Band, and is one of rock's most respected bassists. He has worked with Whitesnake (1978-1987), Black Sabbath (1989-90), Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, The Scorpions, Jeff Beck, Sting, and Ian Gillan, as well as contributing to Brian's solo albums and the SAS Band. He also played bass for the 'We Will Rock You' musical, and two shows with Queen + Paul Rodgers in 2008, as normal bassist Danny Miranda was in hospital.

Cozy Powell photograph

Cozy Powell

played drums in the Brian May Band between 1992 and 1998, and is one of rock's most respected drummers, having worked with Jeff Beck (1971-3), Rainbow (1976-80), ELP (1980), Whitesnake (1981-4), and Black Sabbath (1989-90). He also contributed greatly to Brian's 'Back To The Light' and 'Another World' albums, and has enjoyed chart success himself, when his single 'Dance With The Devil' hit the top 5 in 1973, and follow up 'Na Na Na' also hit the top 10. Cozy has recorded five highly recommended solo albums, his debut album, 'Over The Top', including the drum solo which appears on the 'Live At The Brixton Academy' release. Tragically, Cozy was killed in a car accident on 5 April 1998, just before the release of Brian's 'Another World' album and tour.

Jamie Moses photograph

Jamie Moses

joined the band in 1993, replacing Mike Caswell to provide rhythm and acoustic guitars alongside Brian. He has worked with many varied acts, including Tony Hadley, Jimmy Nail, Gary Barlow, The Hollies, Paul Young, The Who and Bob Geldof. He regularly makes appearances on record and at concerts with Brian and Queen, and also provided additional guitars for the Queen + Paul Rodgers 2005-8 tours.

Eric Singer photograph

Eric Singer

joined the Brian May Band for the 1998 'Another World' tour, to replace Cozy Powell on drums. He has worked with many different artists, most notably with Black Sabbath (for 2 years), Kiss (5 years) and Gary Moore.

Catherine Porter photograph Shelley Preston photograph

Cathy Porter and Shelley Preston

were backing vocalists for the 1993 'Back To The Light' tour, but left before the 1998 'Another World' tour. Cathy starred opposite Michael Crawford in 'The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber', and has also provided backing vocals on numerous projects, including several Queen and Roger Taylor tracks. She also released a solo album in 2009 titled 'Gems For Ruby', which features Brian on her cover of 'Somebody To Love'. Shelley Preston has worked with Curtis Stigers, Tom Jones, Alison Moyet, Gary Moore and Beverley Craven.

Zoe Nicholas photograph Susie Webb photograph

Zoe Nicholas and Susie Webb

both joined the Brian May Band for the 1998 'Another World' tours, replacing Cathy Porter and Shelley Preston. Between them they have worked with Dave Gilmour, The Who, Cliff Richard, The Jam and Luther Vandross, amongst others. They were also in the Abba tribute band 'Bjorn Again', before forming their own tribute, 'Fabba'.