Freddie Mercury Books

This page includes details of all books which have been published about Freddie Mercury. It was originally based on Alex Smirnoff's bibliography, hosted at, which no longer exists.

Front and back sleeves can be found together in the gallery.

Freddie Mercury 'A Kind Of Magic'

A Kind Of Magic

Ross Clarke, 1991. Biographical
Freddie Mercury 'The Legend Lives On'

The Legend Lives On

Nowscreen Ltd, 1992. Picture collection and short biography
Freddie Mercury 'The Show Must Go On'

The Show Must Go On - The Life Of Freddie Mercury

Rick Sky, 1992. Biographical
Freddie Mercury 'More Of The Real Life'

This Is The Real Life

David Evans & David Minns, 1992. Recollections by Freddie's friends
Revised in 1995 and retitled 'More Of The Real Life'.
Again revised in 1997 and retitled 'The Real Life - The Truth Behind The Legend'
Freddie Mercury 'Mercury And Me'

Mercury And Me

Jim Hutton, 1994. Biography of Freddie's private life

They Died Too Young - Freddie Mercury

Simon Boyce, 1995. Biographical

Living On The Edge - The Freddie Mercury Story

David Bret, 1996. Biographical

Mercury - The King Of Queen

Laura Jackson, 1996. Biographical
Freddie Mercury 'The Definitive Biography'

The Definitive Biography

Lesley Ann Jones, 1997. Biographical

Mister Mercury

Peter Freestone & David Evans, 1998. Biographical & Anecdotal
Revised in 1999 and retitled 'Freddie Mercury'
Freddie Mercury 'A Life, In His Own Words'Freddie Mercury 'A Life, In His Own Words''Freddie Mercury - A Life, In His Own Words''Freddie Mercury - A Life, In His Own Words'

Freddie Mercury - A Life, In His Own Words

2006. A collection of Freddie's quotes, compiled by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton.
Reprinted in paperback on 5 January 2009, with the second cover.
Expanded and reprinted in paperback in September 2019, with the third cover, available in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
It was also translated into Japanese by Takatsugu Arai, and released in 2019 with the fourth cover.
Freddie Mercury 'The Great Pretender'

Freddie Mercury - The Great Pretender: A Life In Pictures

13 September 2012. A collection of photographs of Freddie, designed by Richard Gray, with text by Sean O'Hagan and captions by Greg Brooks and Phil Symes.
It was published as a hardback book, with a 1984 interview with Mary Turner on CD, alongside a DVD and Blu-ray documentary release.
The book was reissued in 2019, with a foreword by Rami Malek, without the interview CD.
'Freddie Mercury - A Kind Of Magic'

Freddie Mercury - A Kind Of Magic

Mark Blake, 1 August 2016. 224 pages.
'Freddie Mercury - An Illustrated Life'

Freddie Mercury - An Illustrated Life

Mark Blake, 12 September 2016. 224 pages. This may be the same book as 'A Kind Of Magic' (by the same author, and the same number of pages)
'Somebody To Love - The Life, Death And Legacy Of Freddie Mercury'

Somebody To Love - The Life, Death And Legacy Of Freddie Mercury

Matt Richards and Mark Langthorne, 3 November 2016. 448 pages.
'Freddie Mercury's Royal Recipes'

Freddie Mercury's Royal Recipes

November 2016. This is a recipe book for some of Freddie's favourite meals, with short stories and memories, by his former assistant Peter Freestone.
Proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

'Freddie Mercury: The Biography'

Freddie Mercury: The Biography

David Bret, November 2016. 214 pages.
'Freddie Mercury - Meine Geschichte'

Freddie Mercury - Meine Geschichte

Rudi Dolezal, September 2017. 240 pages. This is a collection of stories and memories from Rudi Dolezal's time working with Freddie, as producer of numerous promo videos in the late 1980's alongside Hannes Rossacher.