Freddie Mercury Concertography


This page is an overview of Freddie's few solo live performances. The only shows omitted from this list are a handful of guest appearances at other artists' concerts, where Freddie just appeared for a couple of tracks. For a more comprehensive list, with details of live recordings, please see the Queen Concerts website.


1979 Royal Ballet Performance (1)
1987 German TV Appearance (1)
1987 Ibiza '92 Festival (1)
1988 Time Charity Performance (1)
1988 La Nit Festival (1)

1979 Royal Ballet Performance

Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Bohemian Rhapsody

Freddie famously performed with the Royal Ballet, and sang two songs, accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
1. 7 October 1979 - Coliseum, London, England

1987 German TV Appearance

The Great Pretender (mimed)

This was Freddie's only ever solo TV performance, albeit mimed.
1. March 1987 - Vier Gegen Willy TV Show, Germany

1987 Ibiza '92 Festival

Barcelona (mimed)

Freddie appeared with Montserrat Caballe, miming 'Barcelona'. This performance was later released as part of the 'Barcelona - Special Edition' CD and DVD set, but with the 'Special Edition' version of the track instead of the original.
1. 29 May 1987 - Ibiza '92 Festival, Ku Klub, Ibiza

1988 Time Charity Performance

Born To Rock 'n' Roll, In My Defence, It's In Every One Of Us (with Cliff Richard), Time

Freddie appeared during this special gala performance of the musical, and not at the premiere (held in 1986), as some sources suggest.

1. 14 April 1988 - Dominion Theatre, London, England

1988 La Nit Festival

Barcelona (mimed), The Golden Boy (mimed), How Can I Go On? (mimed)

Freddie appeared with Montserrat Caballe, miming to all three tracks. The tracks were released on 'The Freddie Mercury Video Collection' and 'Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs', and all but 'Barcelona' appear on the 'Barcelona EP', but due to technical issues on the night, all recordings are out of sync. The tracks were also released as part of the 'Barcelona - Special Edition' CD and DVD set, but edited slightly differently, using the 'Special Edition' versions of the tracks.
1. 8 October 1988 - Montjurich Castle, Barcelona, Spain