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Queen Involvement


'Zabou' is a German film, with German dialogue, and is based on a TV police series starring Götz George. As far as I can tell, it was only ever released in Germany in 1986, although the soundtrack album was also released in Brazil so it is possible that the film was released there aswell. The English title appears to be 'The Crack Connection'.

There is no mention of the film on Wikipedia or on, and only has basic details. There are 'Zabou' videos and DVD's on Amazon in Germany, but these may well be the TV series rather than the film.

The film was directed by Hajo Gies, and written by Martin Gies and Axel Götz.

If you can provide any further information on the film, soundtrack, video, or DVD releases, then please email me.


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Götz George (Schimanski)
Claudia Messner (Conny)
Eberhard Feik (Thanner)
Wolfram Berger (Hocks)
Hannes Jaenicke (Melting)
Dieter Pfaff (Schäfer)
Ralf Richter (Sandrowski)
Klaus Lage (Koch)
Annette Kreft (Empfangsdame)
Gerry Jochum (Geschäftsführer)
Sünje Zittel (Punkerin)

Queen Involvement

'Zabou' is notable in that it contains the Freddie Mercury and Jo Dare collaboration 'Hold On'. The soundtrack of the film was much sought after for this track, until it's inclusion in the 'Freddie Mercury: Solo' boxed set in 2000. Full details of this song can be found on the Miscellaneous Songs page.

Jo Dare attended Freddie's 39th birthday party, dressed as a cat, and can be seen in the video for 'Living On My Own'.