'The Rock Quiz, Fact And Trivia Book' Quiz


This quiz is taken from the 'Rock Quiz, Fact and Trivia Book'. Some questions or answers have been changed as they were incorrect.

Published by Parragon books, 2000, compiled by Karen Ingham.

Quiz Answers

1. What was the name of the group, initially formed by guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, before Queen was formed?
2. What was Freddie Mercury's real name?
3. Which 1974 single became the band's first UK hit single?
4. Who was the band's flamboyant producer throughout most of the 1970's?
5. What did Brian May build his own trademark guitar from?
6. In what subject did John Deacon graduate from University?
7. Which band did Queen support on their first UK tour in 1973?
8. What forced the band to abandon their first US tour in 1974?
9. Which album featured the singles Now I'm Here and Killer Queen'
10. Which album, named after a Marx Brothers film, did the band record in 1975, using 6 different studios?
11. And which single from the album became the first to be widely promoted by an accompanying video?
12. And which DJ had forced the record companies to release the overlong track, by repeatedly playing it on his Capital Radio show?
13. Which member of the band wrote the second single taken from the album, You're My Best Friend?
14. What was the title of the band's 1976 album, also named after a Marx Brothers film, which featured the single Good Old Fashioned Loverboy?
15. Which member of the group became the first to release a solo record, with I Wanna Testify?
16. Which artist's 1976 album, All American Alien Boy, did Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor guest on?
17. Which gospel flavoured single reached no. 13 in the US charts in 1977?
18. Which double A-side, released in November 1977, reached no. 2 in the UK charts?
19. And which album was the single taken from?
20. Which skiffle artist's 1978 comeback album, Puttin' On The Style, featured guest guitar work by Brian May?
21. From 1978, in which Swiss town did the band start recording all their material?
22. Which double A-side, released in 1978, reached no. 11 in the UK charts?
23. And which album did the single come from?
24. And why was the artwork on the gatefold sleeve of the album changed after it's initial release?
25. What was the title of the band's 1979 live album double set?
26. And which song, taken from the album, reached no. 63 in the UK singles chart?
27. Which rockabilly style single, taken from the 1980 album The Game, reached no. 2 in the UK charts?
28. And which single, also from The Game and written by bass player John Deacon, became the band's second no. 1 US single?
29. Which 1980 science fiction film did Queen provide the soundtrack for?
30. Under which category were Queen the first rock band to be listed in the 1980 Guinness Book Of Records?
31. What was the title of drummer Roger Taylor's 1981 solo album, featuring the single Future Management?
32. Released in 1981, for how many weeks was Queen's Greatest Hits in the UK album charts?
33. Which solo artist did Queen record the song Under Pressure with in 1981, which reached no. 1 in the UK singles chart?
34. And with the success of this single, and their Greatest Hits album, what feat did Queen become the first band to achieve?
35. What was the title of the band's dance-based album, released in 1982?
36. Which single, written by Roger Taylor, reached no. 2 in the UK charts in 1984, and set a record for the band, with all 4 members now having written a top 10 song?
37. And which album featured this single, along with I Want To Break Free and It's A Hard Life?
38. What was the title of Freddie Mercury's first solo single, released in 1984?
39. And which film had the song been taken from?
40. Which film soundtrack featured Queen's 1985 single One Vision?
41. Which song, taken from the 1986 film Highlander, reached no. 3 in the UK chart?
42. What was the name of the band formed by Roger Taylor in 1987, in which he played the guitar?
43. With which opera singer did Freddie Mercury duet on the 1987 song Barcelona?
44. Which album, released in 1989, featuring the singles I Want It All and The Invisible Man?
45. What was the title of the band's 1991 single, which became the third longest UK no. 1 single, at 6 minutes and 32 seconds?