Days Of Our Lives

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Queen 'Days Of Our Lives'

Released 28 November 2011 (31 January 2012 in North America)
Length 164 minutes (DVD) and 221 minutes (Blu-ray)

Part 1 (59 minutes)
Part 2 (59 minutes)
Additional Videos (24 minutes):
Seven Seas Of Rhye / Killer Queen / Somebody To Love / We Are The Champions / Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Under Pressure / Radio Ga Ga
Additional Scenes (28 minutes):
From Magic To Miracle 1986-1989 / Going Slightly Mad - The Making Of Innuendo 1990-1 / Made In Heaven
Blu-ray Only Additional Scenes (38 minutes):
Bohemian Rhapsody / Don't Stop Me Now / Flash Gordon / Leaving John Reid, 1978 / Making Videos / Queen On Tour 1974-5 / Queen: The Beginning 1968-1973 / Scrabble Wars / Working Together
Blu-ray Only Additional Interviews (19 minutes):
Another One Bites The Dust / Brian's Health Scare, US Tour 1974 / B-Sides / Freddie Legless / Freddie's Outfits / Highlander / Manager Jim Beach Meets The Band, 1975 / Return To Imperial / The Show Must Go On / The Songwriting Balance Changing In The 1980's


Directed by Matt O' Casey
Produced by Simon Lupton and Rhys Thomas
Bonus footage produced and directed by Simon Lupton and Rhys Thomas
Edited by Christopher Bird
Additional audio production and mixing by Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J. Macrae and Kris Fredriksson
Queen management by Jim Beach

Supervising producer for Eagle Rock - Andrew Winter
Executive producer for the BBC - Adam Barker
Executive producer for Queen Productions - Jim Beach
Executive producers - Lesley Douglas, Iain Funnell and Richard Cook

This is a DVD and Blu-ray release of the two part documentary which was originally shown on BBC2 on 29 and 30 May 2011 at 9:40pm. The documentary tells the story of Queen, from the pre-Queen days of 1984 and Smile, to the 'Made In Heaven' album. It features brand new interviews with Brian and Roger, roadie Peter 'Ratty' Hince, manager Jim Beach, former manager John Reid, former keyboard player Fred Mandel, and various journalists, aswell as archive interviews from all four members of the group. It also features footage from numerous promotional videos and live performances, as well as previously unseen footage from tours, recording sessions, video shoots, and previously lost 'Top Of The Pops' performances.

Altogether this is a very good documentary, with the balance between music and personal life much better than some others. However, there are still some fairly big omissions, as neither the 'Flash Gordon' nor 'Highlander' films are discussed at all, the 'A Kind Of Magic' album is only briefly mentioned, and all post-Freddie activities (including the 'Made In Heaven' album and 'We Will Rock You' musical) are covered in the closing five minutes.

The DVD and Blu-ray release both add seven bonus promo videos, newly created for the release, and three additional scenes which expand on the period from 1986-1995 in more detail than the main documentary. The Blu-ray release adds further scenes covering numerous subjects, most notably the formation of the group and early touring. Details of these are given below, and are available on Youtube.

The Japanese release featured alternate bonus features as follows:

Teo Torriatte (2005)
I Was Born To Love You (2004)
First visit to Japan 1975: Japanese Tea Ceremony and Press Conference
Live at the Budokan 1975: Killer Queen / In The Lap Of The Gods.... Revisited
Live at the Seibu Lions Stadium, 1982: Love Of My Life / We Will Rock You
Freddie Mercury: The Official 65th Birthday Video

When the DVD first loads, it automatically plays the two part documentary and the bonus sequences (title 7; 2:19:27 total) followed by the bonus videos (title 17; 24:35) before going to the main menu. The main menu is based on the 'Innuendo' promo video and features an excerpt of the song; the first time it is shown the excerpt begins with drums, and subsequent visits feature a slightly shorter version which fades in at the start. The main menu allows you to play part 1 (title 1; 59 minutes), part 2 (title 2; also 59 minutes), play all (which plays part 1, 2, the bonus sequences, and bonus videos, title 8 followed by 17) or select the 'Bonus Features' or 'Subtitles' menus. When you select these last two options, a shorter excerpt of 'Innuendo' is played.

The 'Bonus Features' menu features footage of Freddie from the 'Radio Ga Ga' video and plays an excerpt of 'The Kiss (Aura Resurrects Flash)'. It allows you to select the 'Additional Scenes' or 'Additional Videos' sub-menus, and plays a shorter excerpt of 'The Kiss' when you select one.

The 'Additional Scenes' menu features an a-capella excerpt of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and allows you to play three bonus sequences (titles 3-5) or play them all (title 6; 20:59), which feature additional footage from the period 1986-1995 which was not included in the main programme.

The 'Additional Videos' menu features an instrumental excerpt of 'Good Company' and allows you to play seven new promo videos (titles 9-15) or play them all (title 16; 24:35), which mostly feature unseen footage, alternate camera angles, and promo-video out-takes.

The 'Subtitles' menu features an instrumental excerpt of 'You're My Best Friend' and allows you to select subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or turn them off.

Below is a brief guide to the contents of each title, which I have divided into sections. Any rare or previously unseen footage is highlighted in red.

The 'Queen On Tour 1974-5' featurette features an almost complete performance of 'Now I'm Here', while the Japanese release adds 'Killer Queen' and 'In The Lap Of The Gods.... Revisited', all recorded at the Budokan Hall, Tokyo, on 1 May 1975. This footage was later released on the 'A Night At The Odeon' DVD and Blu-ray in 2015.

Part 1

Details of the two recording session excerpts of 'We Are The Champions' can be found on the Queen Demos pages.

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 1 - Early Days

Part 1 - 'A Night At The Opera' and 'A Day At The Races'

Part 1 - Press and 'News Of The World'

Part 1 - 'Jazz' and 'The Game'

Part 1 - Outro

Part 2

Part 2 - Introduction

Part 2 - South America

Part 2 - 'Under Pressure'

Part 2 - Munich, 'Hot Space' and Solo Activities

Part 2 - 'The Works'

Part 2 - South Africa, Live Aid and 'The Magic Tour'

Part 2 - Freddie's health, 'The Miracle' and 'Innuendo'

Part 2 - Freddie's death, his tribute concert, 'Made In Heaven', and subsequent activity

Part 2 - Outro

Additional Videos

(24 minutes)
With the exception of 'Under Pressure', these videos feature previously unseen footage, camera angles and out-takes.

Additional Scenes

(21 minutes)

Additional Scenes

(Blu-ray only; 38 minutes)

Additional Interviews

(Blu-ray only; 19 minutes)