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Found 41 songs out of 955 in total

#TitleArtistWriterRelease StatusLength
1Ain't Put Nothin' DownThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:31
2Baby, It's AlrightThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:05
3Bad AttitudeThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:45
4Better ThingsThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album2:46
5BreakdownThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:52
6CelebrationThe CrossThe CrossDownload, Boxed Set4:37
7Closer To YouThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:14
8ContactThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:52
9Cowboys And IndiansThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album5:53
10Dirty MindThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:31
11Feel The ForceThe CrossRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:45
12Final DestinationThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:34
13Foxy LadyThe CrossOtherStudio Album3:25
14Hand Of FoolsThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:31
15HeartlandThe CrossThe CrossNon-Album Track, Boxed Set4:46
16Heaven For EveryoneThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:52
17I Can Take You HigherThe CrossRoger TaylorDownload, Boxed Set3:28
18I Can't Get You Out Of My HeadThe CrossThe CrossDownload, Boxed Set3:36
19In Charge Of My HeartThe CrossRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set2:17
20Let's Get DrunkThe CrossThe CrossLive Only Track3:42
21LiarThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:29
22Life ChangesThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album5:54
23Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress)The CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:24
24Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal)The CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:49
25LucilleThe CrossOtherLive Only Track6:29
26ManipulatorThe CrossRoger TaylorNon-Album Track, Boxed Set3:58
27MillionaireThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:43
28New Dark AgesThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:58
29Old Men (Lay Down)The CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:52
30Passion For TrashThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album2:32
31Penetration GuruThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:44
32Piano SoloThe CrossThe CrossLive Only Track2:19
33Power To LoveThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:00
34Put It All Down To LoveThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album3:34
35Rough JusticeThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:22
36Shove ItThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:28
37Sister BlueThe CrossThe CrossStudio Album4:13
38Stand Up For LoveThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album4:21
39The Also RansThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album5:27
40The Second Shelf MixThe CrossRoger TaylorCD Bonus Track, Boxed Set5:49
41Top Of The World MaThe CrossRoger TaylorStudio Album3:30