100% Queen


This page contains the questions to the '100% Queen' special, broadcast on Channel 5 in the UK on 13 March 2000. The programme featured 100 questions on Queen, with two or three choices for each question. Contestants had about nine seconds to answer each.

The winner was John McCormack from Shrewsbury with a winning score of 94%, and he won a DVD player. Second place was Andy Furguson from Swindon with a score of 91%; last was Avril Carter from Barrow-In-Furness with 77%.

Quiz Answers

A) Early Days

1. Which comedy team provided Queen with the titles of two early albums?
A) The Marx Brothers B) Abbot and Costello C) Hague and Blair
2. In which band did Brian and Roger first play together?
A) Grin and Bear It B) Smile C) Down in the Mouth
3. And who was the third member of Smile?
A) Tim Staffell B) Tom Duffel C) Tone Awful
4. Which management company signed Queen in 1972?
A) Trident B) Polaris C) Cruise
5. Brian May made his first guitar out of a coffin lid.
A) True B) False
6. In 1975, when Queen signed a deal with John Reid, who was the biggest artist on his books?
A) Rod Stewart B) Elton John C) Alvin Stardust
7. For which Radio 1 DJ did Queen record a session in July 1974?
A) John Peel B) Bob Harris C) Tony Blair
8. What was Queen's first single release?
A) Seven Seas Of Rhye B) Keep Yourself Alive C) Killer Queen
9. Which member of the band was born first?
A) Freddie B) Brian C) Roger
10. Freddie Mercury once recorded the Beach Boys hit 'I Can Hear Music' under the name of Terry Tinsel.
A) True B) False

B) Hits From The 1970's

11. What was the first track Queen performed on Top Of The Pops?
A) Seven Seas Of Rhye B) Killer Queen C) Now I'm Here
12. Audio clip: "I just can't get no relief, Lord, somebody, somebody, ooh somebody, somebody, Can anybody find me somebody to love?": on which label was that song released in the USA?
A) Capitol B) RCA C) Elektra
13. Which of the band's tracks did Freddie explain was written about a 'high class call girl'
A) Death On Two Legs B) Killer Queen C) Tie Your Mother Down
14. Which of these tracks appeared on Queen's First EP?
A) You're My Best Friend B) Brighton Rock C) Tenement Funster
15. Video Clip: "Oh, baby, can't do this to me baby, just gotta get out - just gotta get right outta here": this hit spent a total of 14 weeks at no. 1 in the UK.
A) True B) False
16. What was the B-side of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' when it first charted in 1975?
A) Seaside Rendezvous B) Good Company C) I'm In Love With My Car
17. What was the double-A side with We Are The Champions?
A) '39 B) Bicycle Race C) We Will Rock You
18. Video Clip: "200 degrees that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit, I'm travelling at the speed of light, I wanna make a supersonic man out of you, don't stop me now": A poster was given away with the album featuring that song. What was on the poster?
A) A montage of jazz greats B) A naked girls' bike race C) Freddie in the buff
19. What was the second hit to be taken from A Night At The Opera?
A) Bohemian Rhapsody B) Somebody To Love C) You're My Best Friend
20. Because of high video expenses, Bohemian Rhapsody cost over £250,000 to make
A) True B) False

C) Highs And Lows

21. In which year was Queen's Christmas Concert broadcast live on BBC TV and Radio?
A) 1975 B) 1977 C) 1979
22. Why did Queen abandon their 1974 American tour?
A) Brian had hepatitis B) John fractured his wrist C) Freddie broke a nail
23. Who threatened to sue the group and EMI over the song Death On Two Legs, assuming it to be about him?
A) Norman Sheffield B) Roy Thomas-Baker C) John Anthony
24. Where did Queen perform a concert which led to them being blacklisted by the United Nations?
A) Tehran B) Baghdad C) Sun City
25. The proceeds from the reissue of Bohemian Rhapsody were given to Children In Need
A) True B) False
26. Excluding Under Pressure with David Bowie, how many years passed between their first and second number 1 hits?
A) 8 B) 12 C) 15
27. Where did Queen hold their last ever concert?
A) Wembley Stadium B) Knebworth C) Milton Keynes
28. When Queen pulled out of the London ITV show 'Today', which foul mouthed group replaced them?
A) The Sex Pistols B) The Damned C) Cliff Richard and The Shadows
29. What was Queen's first hit album?
A) Queen B) Queen II C) Sheer Heart Attack
30. Video Clip: "Take a back seat, hitch hike, and take a long ride on my motorbike, until I'm ready (ready Freddie), crazy little thing called love". This was Queen's first American no. 1 hit.
A) True B) False

D) Biography

31. What is Roger's full name?
A) Roger Meddows Taylor B) Roger Taylor Meddows C) Taylor Roger Meddows
32. In 1968, where did Freddie and Roger run a second hand clothes stall?
A) Kensington Market B) Petticoat Lane C) Albert Square
33. Of which band was Freddie once vocalist?
A) Sour Milk Sea B) Yoghurt Ocean C) Cheesy Lake
34. Which EastEnder's actress became Brian's partner in the 1980's?
A) Gillian Taylforth B) Anita Dobson C) Michelle Collins
35. Freddie was born in Zimbabwe.
A) True B) False
36. And where did he attend boarding school until he was 13?
A) Bombay B) Calcutta C) Mallory Towers
37. At which scientific establishment was Brian once offered employment?
A) Sellafield B) Sizewell C) Jodrell Bank
38. In which subject did John gain a first class honours degree?
A) Agriculture B) Economics C) Electronics
39. Which member of the band graduated from Ealing College of Art?
A) Freddie B) Brian C) Roger
40. Freddie once said "My legs, I don't like the way they protrude. Apart from that, I'm perfect"
A) True B) False

E) Solo and Other Avenues

41. Which band did Roger Taylor form in 1987?
A) The Cross B) The Angry C) The Bit Miffed
42. For which Shakespeare play did Brian May compose the soundtrack in 1990?
A) Romeo And Juliet B) Othello C) Macbeth
43. What was the title of Brian May's 1994 album?
A) Live at Chelsea Art School B) Live at Imperial College C) Live At The Brixton Academy
44. Queen produced the music for the film Flash Gordon. Who played the lead role?
A) Samuel L. Jackson B) Sam J. Jones C) Tommy Lee Jones
45. Freddie performed the duet Barcelona with opera diva Maria Callas.
A) True B) False
46. Which fake band appeared at Queen's 1992 Concert for Life?
A) Bad News B) Spinal Tap C) Take That
47. What was the title of Freddie's 1985 Solo album?
A) Mr Bad Attitude B) Mr Bad Guy C) Mr Naughty Naughty Boy
48. Which was the only band member not to play on Ian Hunter's All American Alien album?
A) John B) Roger C) Freddie
49. Brian May played guitar on a comeback album by which skiffle performer?
A) Lonnie Donegan B) Wally Whyton C) Joe Brown
50. Mercury was once part of Rod, Jane and Freddy on the children's TV series Rainbow.
A) True B) False

F) Hits From The 1980's

51. For which film was the track 'A Kind Of Magic' written?
A) Highlander B) Braveheart C) The Paul Daniels Story
52. In 1986, Freddie contributed three tracks to the soundtrack of which musical?
A) Time B) Miss Saigon C) Matador
53. Video Clip: "I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now": That video was premiered at the half time interval of which sporting event?
A) The UEFA Cup final B) The Superbowl C) The FA Cup Final
54. Who had the original American hit with Freddie's The Great Pretender?
A) The Crewcuts B) The Ink Spots C) The Platters
55. One Vision was featured on the soundtrack to the film Iron Chicken?
A) True B) False
56. Which single stopped Radio Ga Ga from reaching no. 1 in the UK?
A) Uptown Girl B) Relax C) Careless Whisper
57. Which Queen track became an anthem for ANC in South Africa?
A) I Want To Break Free B) We Are The Champions C) One Vision
58. Audio Clip: "Under pressure - that burns a building down, splits a family in two, puts people on streets": What was the B-Side of that single?
A) Soul Brother B) Funk Daddy C) Big Mama
59. Which Queen live album reached number 3 in 1986?
A) Live Killers B) Live Magic C) Live at Wembley 1986
60. During the Falklands War, Queen were at no. 1 in Argentina.
A) True B) False

G) It's All In The Words

61. What is the last line of Bohemian Rhapsody?
A) Nothing really matters to me B) Anyway the wind blows C) I went wrong in the middle
62. Who said of Freddie at Live Aid: "it was the perfect stage... He could ponce about in front of the whole world"
A) Brian May B) Bob Geldof C) Elton John
63. Which song opens with the line "Steve walks wearily down the street"
A) Save Me B) The Invisible Man C) Another One Bites The Dust
64. In Now I'm Here, who was "down in the dungeon"?
A) Peaches 'n' Me B) Hoople 'n' Me C) Withnail and I
65. According to the album track, Pain Is So Close To Passion.
A) True B) False
66. On an album track, who "got no brains but he sure got a lot of style"?
A) Big Bad Leroy Brown B) Good Old Fashioned Loverboy C) Man On The Prowl
67. From which song does the line "One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal" come?
A) I Want It All B) One Vision C) A Kind Of Magic
68. Which language forms part of the lyrics to the track Teo Torriatte?
A) Russian B) Arabic C) Japanese
69. Which famous line from Shakespeare is used in the track Lily Of The Valley?
A) To be or not to be B) My kingdom for a horse C) Someone's sitting there, mate
70. The song title 'Las Palabras De Amor' literally means 'rules of love'?
A) True B) False

H) The 1990's And Beyond

71. What is the correct title of Queen's 1991 hit?
A) I'm Going Slightly Mad B) I'm Going Slightly Bald C) I've Gone Completely Batty
72. Which car manufacturer used Brian's Driven By You in its TV commercials?
A) Vauxhall B) Ford C) Skoda
73. In 1992, on whose version of We Are The Champions did Brian perform?
A) Eric Clapton B) Mark Knopfler C) Hank Marvin
74. Which female singer appeared with Queen and George Michael on the Five Live EP?
A) Paula Abdul B) Mariah Carey C) Lisa Stansfield
75. Brian co-wrote the Comic Relief hit 'The Stonk' for Hale & Pace.
A) True B) False
76. Which band member produced Jimmy Nail's 'Love Don't Live Here Anymore'?
A) Roger B) Brian C) Freddie
77. With which drummer did Brian have a hit single Resurrection?
A) Ian Paice B) Ginger Baker C) Cozy Powell
78. Who performed Under Pressure with David Bowie at the Concert For Life in 1992?
A) Mick Jagger B) George Michael C) Annie Lennox
79. In 1992, in whose stables did Brian take part in a benefit for people with Leukaemia?
A) The Princes Royal B) Bob Champion C) Lucianno Pavarotti
80. Bohemian Rhapsody was featured in the film Wayne's World.
A) True B) False

I) Did You Know?

81. At which London club did EMI launch the band?
A) The 100 Club B) The Marquee C) Stringfellow's
82. Who thought up the name Queen?
A) Freddie B) Roger C) Manager Jack Nelson
83. Video Clip: "I want to break free from your lives, your so self satisfied, I don't need you, I've got to break free": where were the band pelted with bottles and cans for performing this track in drag?
A) Glasgow B) Rio De Janeiro C) Earl's Court
84. Which singer-songwriter appeared on the album track Don't Lose Your Head?
A) Tracey Chapman B) Suzanne Vega C) Joan Armatrading
85. John is the only member of the band not to have written one of their top 10 hits.
A) True B) False
86. What was the subtitle of the Sheer Heart Attack track She Makes Me?
A) Stormtrooper in Stilettos B) Gigolo in Jackboots C) SAS Man in Slingbacks
87. What was the name of the Swiss recording studio that Queen bought in 1975?
A) Lakeside B) Mountain C) Peak Performance
88. In 1981, which continent did Queen visit on their 'Gluttons For Punishment' tour?
A) Asia B) Africa C) South America
89. Which Queen hit shares it's name with a hit for Leo Sayer?
A) A Winter's Tale B) The Show Must Go On C) You Don't Fool Me
90. The Smile single 'Earth' was only released in the USA.
A) True B) False
91. Scenes from which classic film were seen in the video for Radio Ga Ga?
A) 1984 B) The Time Machine C) Metropolis
92. Where did Queen give a free concert in September 1976?
A) Cardiff Castle B) Hyde Park C) Westminster Abbey
93. Who led the chorus for Are The Champions finale of the Concert for Life?
A) Elizabeth Taylor B) Liza Minelli C) Jodie Foster
94. What does Brian use instead of plectrums?
A) Bottle caps B) Coins C) False teeth
95. Queen have earned the most gold albums by a group in the UK.
A) True B) False
96. Which of the bands did Queen not support on stage in the 1970's?
A) Sparks B) Mott The Hoople C) Genesis
97. Which of Queen's number one singles was the longest track?
A) Under Pressure B) Bohemian Rhapsody C) Innuendo
98. Who produced the band's earliest recordings?
A) Roy Thomas-Baker B) Ian Baker Finch C) Norma Jean Baker
99. Which Queen album title is also the name of a track on their News Of The World album?
A) The Works B) Jazz C) Sheer Heart Attack
100. The A Night At The Opera album was recorded over four months in six different studios.
A) True B) False