Queen Fan Club Magazine Quizzes


The quizzes on this page were published in the Official International Queen Fan Club magazines from 1994 onwards.

Quiz Answers

Autumn 1994

1. What is the title of the first track on The Miracle album?
2. Who wrote The Invisible Man?
3. What was the last UK single to be taken from the Jazz album?
4. How many tracks are there on the Flash Gordon album?
5. What was the B-side of the UK single Seven Seas Of Rhye?
6. In which year did Queen first play a concert outside the UK?
7. For which Freddie single did Roger provide backing vocals?
8. Who is the guest saxophonist on the track One Year Of Love?
9. What was Queen's second single in the USA?
10. In which city did Queen open their 1986 Magic Tour?
11. What was the first ever single to be released on the 12" format?
12. Which band member was born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk?
13. How many weeks did the Innuendo single stay at the top of the BBC Gallup charts?
14. Which song did Brian play on to support the USA Paralympic Games in 1987?
15. Which member once played in a group called Art?
16. Who provided computer programming for the Innuendo album?
17. How many studios was the band's debut album recorded in - and name them?
18. Who produced Queen At The Beeb?
19. Which band member plays a Pinball Machine in the One Vision promo video?
20. What famous London venue did Queen play as a support to Mott The Hoople?

Autumn 1996

1. This British city's cathedral was built in 1880 at the request of Edward VII when he was Prince Of Wales?
2. A painting by Richard Dadd, the original hangs in London's Tate Gallery?
3. Where the majority of the worlds cloves are grown?

(all of the following questions describe a song title)

4. Originally New Amsterdam, so good they named it twice?
5. A brief burst of light?
6. A bite by a mythical creature?
7. Parent and offspring?
8. Indirect accusation?
9. Created in paradise?
10. A fat tortoiseshell cat?
11. Uncoloured monarch?
12. Large royal rodent, died of something rather nasty?
13. Meet your friends on the beach?
14. Igneous? Metamorphic? You'll find it on the south coast of Britain anyway?
15. Convallaria?
16. Battle to get out?
17. He'll be here any minute?
18. Flash Gordon....in the end?
19. Nijinsky?
20. A chilly feline?
21. Sorcery?
22. Expose?
23. Maternal affection?
24. Final frontier?

Autumn 1997

1. What is the blatant mistake at the start of Greatest Flix?
2. What happens to Brian's head in the Starfleet video?
3. Which two other Queen/related songs can be head on the Machines 12" single?
4. From which opera is the music for the opening lines of It's A Hard Life taken?
5. Where in the film Biggles can you hear No Turning Back in it's entirety?
6. What are the words to the spoken lines at the end of Drowse?
7. Which two Greatest Flix promo videos from the 1980's are NOT featured in the video for The Show Must Go On?
8. Who, according to Roger, first suggested Another One Bites The Dust should be released as a single?
9. Which ballet was Freddie trying to re-enact for the promotional video for I Want To Break Free?
10. Where did the 'young man' who was 'stung on the knee by a wasp' come from?
11. In a shot in the promo video for A Kind Of Magic a clapper board has accidentally been left in. What does it say?
12. Which Queen 12" features a one minute drum solo?
13. What is the name of the actress who connects the TV series Frank Stubbs Promotes and the Invisible Man video?
14. Which Queen song featured in the Shell Company advertising campaign in 1986?
15. With which group did Brian record the track I Need Time?
16. On which label was The Man From Manhattan originally released?
17. How many stitches did John need in his hand at Christmas 1977?
18. Which song title was featured on one of Freddie's birthday cakes?
19. Which artists came immediately before and after Queen at Live Aid?
20. Who's nicknames are these? Miami, Uncle Grumpy, Crystal, Trip, Jobby, Feebie, Tunbridge, Liza, Birdman, The Duke

Autumn 1998

1. In which city did Queen hold a halloween party to promote their latest album?
2. Which Queen album did Brian co-produce with Mack?
3. Which Queen II track is on Queen At The Beeb?
4. Freddie was a awarded a posthumous Ivor Novello in 1995 for which song?
5. Which was the first solo single by Roger to enter the UK top 75 singles chart?
6. Miriam Stockley provided backing vocals for Brian, but on which track did she provide backing for Freddie?
7. Which song did Queen perform at their one and only performance at Italy's San Remo festival?
8. What was the Cross's debut single?
9. Which painting did Queen one view at the Chrysler Museum Of Art in Norfolk, USA?
10. Who played Maracas on Who Needs You?
11. Queen won an award at the Midem Festival in January 1978, for what?
12. Which song has Roger covered on his Electric Fire album?
13. Which was the first Queen single to feature the crest on the record label?
14. Which Queen song was used in a radio campaign against drink-driving in the UK?
15. Name the first promotional video to feature fan club members.
16. 'I do like to be beside the seaside' is sung at the end of Seven Seas Of Rhye, but in which song is it Whistled?
17. Which 50's song has recently been resurrected by Brian for single release and live performance?
18. Queen first performed this song 'live' back in 1974, then dropped it from their live set in 1976, and brought it back again in 1977 and played it on every tour after that. Which song is it?
19. Which single did Queen perform on the Crazy Tour before it's release?
20. Which was the last Queen song to have a sub-title?

Autumn 1999

1. What song from a Roger Taylor album was the working title of a Queen hit?
2. In which two promotional videos from Flix 1 and Flix 2 can John be seen wearing a Queen Crest T-shirt?
3. Which Queen song was used in a Twix commercial in the UK?
4. If John is a Goldfinch and Brian is a Duck, what are Freddie and Roger?
5. On which album did fans first hear the line 'Who wants to live forever'?
6. A person from Essex claims that Freddie visited their back garden in the month of July 1986. How or Why?
7. Who hosted the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in America?
8. Which vertically challenged character was re-united with Queen in 1991, after a gap of some 19 years?
9. Which Queen song is also a book by Graham Greene?
10. Which book prompted Queen to go back into the recording studio in the early 80's?
11. Which book's title is also the subtitle of a Queen track?
12. Who was Freddie's wife, if only for a day, in 1985? (clue: they walked up the aisle in the Royal Albert Hall)
13. Which is the only song lyric to begin with And?
14. Which tree bent over backwards for one of the band's solo albums?
15. Roger's were red in 1986, what colour were Freddie's in 1993?
16. Apart from Under Pressure, which other track did David Bowie lend his vocals to? (but did not make it to the album)
17. Which is the only Queen song to feature the sounds of birds singing?
18. Which is the most remixed Queen single, and how many remixes are there?
19. Which character from Star Wards cost Queen money some years after he appeared on the big screen?
20. The director of Star Wars had an influence on a Queen video, which one?
21. A few years before they starred in Star Wars, one of them had already been named in a Queen song, who, and which song?
22. Which album poster features in the promotional video for a single released from that same album?
23. Who is the only band member to feature a member of their family on an album and single cover, and who took the photo?
24. The Show Must Go On has been covered by two colourful stars, one as a live B-side, the other on an album of the same name. Who are they?
25. A composer connected to Queen through dance?
26. Roger penned Don't Lose Your Head in 1986. Why, some 13 years later, did certain individuals want him to do just that?
27. If the Phoenix was the first mythical character to appear on a Queen single, who or what was the last?
28. What have a pizza oven, a crown and a flyswatter all got in common?
29. What is Freddie's final word on the Made In Heaven album?

Autumn 2003

Section One: The Arts

1. Which opera singer did Roger and Brian recently perform with?
2. Which famous line from Shakespeare is used in 'Lily Of The Valley'?
3. The Cross had an album called 'Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know'. Who was that saying attributed to?
4. Which artists work was used on the sleeve of Innuendo?
5. The Fairy Feller's Masterstroke was inspired by the painting of whom?
6. Which Shakespeare play did Brian compose a soundtrack for?
7. Brian recorded the soundtrack for which French film?
8. The cover of 'News Of The World' was taken from an original drawing by who?
9. Which artist is mentioned in the song 'The Miracle'?
10. Which Queen song is also a book by Graham Greene?

Section Two: Places

1. Which two studios were the band's debut album recorded in?
2. Where was the video of 'Breakthru' filmed?
3. Where did the first gig on the 1979 'Crazy Tour' take place?
4. In which German city did Queen headline a festival during the summer of 1979?
5. Where was Freddie king of the castle in 1986?
6. Where was the launch party for 'Jazz' held?
7. In which city did Queen begin their 'A Night At The Opera' tour?
8. The launch party for 'A Day At The Races' was held at which race course?
9. In which club did The Cross film their 'Shove It' video?

Section Three: Lyrics

1. Which British city s mentioned in 'Airheads', 'No More Fun', and 'All The Way From Memphis'?
2. Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven' is mentioned in which Roger solo song?
3. What's the name of the rock club in 'Tenement Funster'?
4. Which planet is mentioned in 'Radio Ga Ga'?
5. Which hotel is mentioned in 'Good Old Fashioned Loverboy'?
6. What is eaten for tea in the song 'Machines'?
7. Which famous actor is mentioned in the song 'Drowse'?
8. On the album track, who's 'got no brains but he sure gotta lot of style'?
9. Which song can be heard at the end of 'Seven Seas Of Rhye'?
10. What time was the 'date' arranged for in the song 'Who Needs You'?

Summer 2004 - 'We Will Rock You' Quiz

1. What is the name of the underground station featured in 'We Will Rock You'?
2. Nigel Planer (the actor who played Pop) starred in which British comedy series about a bunch of students living together?
3. Who wrote the script for 'We Will Rock You'?
4. The song 'We Will Rock You' was recently used in advertisements for which two drinkable products?
5. What are the names of the two lead characters in 'We Will Rock You'?
6. Which member of Queen wrote 'We Will Rock You'? and which album did it first feature on?
7. Who is the head of the Globalsoft Corporation?
8. Where in the USA will 'We Will Rock You' open in September?
9. In 1977, 'We Will Rock You' was coupled with which song on a single release?
10. What is the band of rebels in the musical called?