Queen Books

This page includes details of all books which have been published about Queen, and related subjects, excluding sheet music, lyric books, tour programmes and books which concentrate on individual band members. The majority of the books here were published in the UK, but it includes some overseas releases aswell. It was originally based on Alex Smirnoff's bibliography, hosted at www.meddows.com, which no longer exists.

The majority of the books listed below are unofficial, and most depend heavily on the official book 'As It Began'. As far as I know, the only other official books are 'Greatest Pix', 'Greatest Pix II', the various concert guides, 'The Eye' tie-ins, 'Absolute Greatest', '40 Years Of Queen' (reissued as 'The Treasures Of Queen'), 'The Complete Illustrated Lyrics' and 'Queen In 3-D'.

Front and back sleeves can be found together in the gallery.

Queen 'An Official Biography'

An Official Biography plus Their Recent U.S Royal Tour

Larry Pryce, 1976.


George Tremlett, 1976.

An Illustrated Biography

Judith Davis, 1981.
Queen 'Greatest Pix'

Greatest Pix

Jacques Lowe, 1981. Photo collection

Gluttons for Punishment - The South America Tours 1981

Peter Lubin, 1982. 1981 Concert guide
Queen 'The First 12 Years'

The First Ten Years

Mike West, 1982.
Revised and republished as 'The First Twelve Years' in 1984.

Queen 'The New Visual Documentary'

A Visual Documentary

Ken Dean, 1986.
Revised and republished as 'The New Visual Documentary' in both 1991 and 1992.
Queen 'The Magic Tour'

A Magic Tour

1987. Concert guide
Queen 'Greatest Pix II'

Greatest Pix II

Richard Gray, 1991. Photo collection
Queen 'As It Began'

Queen - As It Began

Jacky Gunn & Jim Jenkins, 1992. The official biography, written in full co-operation with Queen, featuring interviews with the band, family and friends.
Queen 'In Their Own Words'

Queen - In Their Own Words

Mick St. Michael, 1992. Queen quotations

Queen Unseen

Peter K Hogan, 1992.
Queen 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Stephen Ryder, 1992.
Queen 'Tear Out Photo Book'

Tear Out Photo Book

1993. Photo collection
Queen 'The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert'

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert For AIDS Awareness

1993. Concert guide
Queen 'Interview Disc & Book'


Mick St. Michael, 1994. CD sized book. (Some issues come with an interview CD and slipcase)
Queen 'The Complete Guide To The Music Of Queen'

The Complete Guide To The Music Of Queen

Peter K Hogan, 1994. Album guide
Queen CD Book


Mick St. Michael, 1995. A4 size (not same as above)
Queen 'Queen Live'Queen 'Queen Live'

Queen Live - A Concert Documentary

Greg Brooks, 1995. Queen Concertography.
Updated and reprinted in 2005 with a different cover.
Queen 'The Early Years'

Queen - The Early Years

Mark Hodkinson, 1995.
'Freddie Mercury And Queen Rock Lives'

Rock Lives - The Ultimate Story: Freddie Mercury & Queen

Neville Marten & Jeffrey Hudson, 1995.
Queen 'The Full Picture'

The Full Picture

Denis O'Reagan, 1995. Photo collection

The Secret Revealed

Melina Richmond, 1997.

Secrets Of Queen The Eye

1997. Game tie-in, with tips and walkthroughs on the game.
Queen 'The Art Of Queen The Eye'

The Art Of Queen The Eye

1997. Game tie-in. Includes a CD-Rom featuring footage and music from the game.

The Novel Of Queen The Eye

Paul Darrow, 1997. Game tie-in
Queen 'The Ultimate Queen'

The Ultimate Queen

Peter Lewry & Nigel Goodall, 1998. Discography, concertography, various lists etc

Queen - The Definitive Biography

Laura Jackson, 1999.
Queen 'Killer Queen'

Killer Queen

Mick Rock, Brian May and Mary Austin, 2003.
A collection of photographs of Queen from the early 1970's. Featuring new text as well as quotes from the era from Queen.
Limited to 2,500 copies. All copies come in a slipcase, whilst the first 350 copies are Deluxe editions, containing an exclusive signed print.

Queen I

Japan only, 2003.
Queen 'Classic Queen'Queen 'Classic Queen'Queen 'Classic Queen'

Classic Queen

Mick Rock, 2004.
Featuring numerous photographs from Mick Rock's collection, his memories of his time with the band, and quotes from the era from Queen. I'm not sure of the differences between this book and 'Killer Queen', above.
The first scan is of the hardback book. The second scan is an alternate sleeve which was used on Amazon; this may have been an alternate sleeve or just a promotional shot. The final sleeve is for the paperback version, released in 2016.
Queen 'Queen II'

Queen II

Japan only, 2004.
Queen 'The Show Must Go On'

The Show Must Go On

Japan only, 2004.
'We Will Rock You'

We Will Rock You

The Official Book Of The Musical by Queen and Ben Elton, 2004.
Contains the entire script to the musical, song lyrics, exclusive photographs, behind the scenes photographs, production credits, and forewords by Brian May and Roger Taylor
'The Ultimate History Of The Crown Kings Of Rock'

The Ultimate History Of The Crown Kings Of Rock

Phil Sutcliffe, 2009.
Queen 'Absolute Greatest'

Absolute Greatest

UK, 16 November 2009. This is a book release of the 'Absolute Greatest' album, houses two CD's, and features lyrics, photographs and hand written lyrics.
Queen '40 Years Of Queen'Queen '40 Years Of Queen'Queen 'The Treasures Of Queen'Queen 'The Treasures Of Queen'

40 Years Of Queen

UK, 24 September 2011. Harry Doherty, with forewords by Brian May & Roger Taylor.
Later reissued in a purple box in 2012 (exclusive to 'The Works' bookshops), and also as an e-book in December 2012, through iBookstore, with additional interactive functionality.
It was again reissued as 'The Treasures Of Queen' in a grey box in 2014, and in a white sleeve in 2019 (in both English and German).

This is a stunning book which chronicles the history of the band, housed in an outer box. It contains many rare photographs, replicas of concert posters, tickets, handwritten lyrics and other rare memorabilia.
The '40 Years Of Queen' releases include a 1977 radio interview (later included in the 'On Air' 6CD set), with the 2011 release mistakenly only including the first half. Full scans of the book and all extras can be found in the gallery.
Queen 'Queen In Cornwall'

Queen In Cornwall

Rupert White, 2011.
This book covers Roger and Queen's early life in and around Cornwall, upto 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in 1975.
'Queen Unseen'

Queen Unseen

Peter Hince, 2011.
This book features anecdotes and memories from Peter Hince's time as Queen's roadie. A German language version was released in 2015.
Queen 'The Complete Illustrated Lyrics'

The Complete Illustrated Lyrics

UK, 20 June 2012. Forewords by Brian May & Roger Taylor.
This book features lyrics to every released Queen song, alongside handwritten and typed lyrics, photographs, albums and singles sleeves. Full scans of the book and sample pages can be found in the gallery.
Queen 'Complete Works'Queen 'Complete Works'

Complete Works

2012, Georg Purvis. Initially released in a black and white sleeve, and revised and updated in 2018 in a colour sleeve.
Queen 'The Queen Chronology'

The Queen Chronology

Patrick Lemieux and Adam Unger, 2013.
This is a chronological recording and release history of the band, featuring full details of all album releases and song versions.
Queen 'Visions Of Queen'Queen 'Visions Of Queen'

Visions Of Queen

Steve Emberton and Alan Perry, 2014. Foreword by Bruce Murray.
This book features over 160 rare photographs of the band from 1975 to 1979, many previously unseen. It is housed in an outer slipcase, and initial copies came with five A5 photo prints. The foreword is by Bruce Murray, a bandmate of Freddie's during his time in The Hectics.
A paperback version was released in September 2016 in a different cover.
Queen 'Note-for-Note Keyboard Transcriptions'

Note-for-Note Keyboard Transcriptions

2016, 110 pages (no author given). Includes keyboard transcriptions for 13 Queen tracks, from 1973 to 1978.
Queen 'The Dead Straight Guide To Queen'

The Dead Straight Guide To Queen

Phil Chapman, 2017. 228 pages.
Queen 'Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen: Life After Freddie Mercury'

Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen: Life After Freddie Mercury

Neil Daniels, 5 March 2017.
This book features 266 pages and covers Queen's activities since Freddie's death, including the collaborations with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert.
'Exhilarated And Exhausted'

Exhilarated And Exhausted

Neal Preston, 1 October 2017.
This book features 336 pages and is a collection of photographs by Neal Preston, and stories from his time working with Queen, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson and more.
'Queen In 3-D'

Queen In 3-D

Brian May, 25 May 2017.
This book features 256 pages and features stereoscopic photographs from throughout the band's career, in chronological order, from Brian's childhood through to performances with Adam Lambert, the majority of which are previously unseen.
The book comes in an outer slipcase which includes an Owl stereoscope, designed by Brian himself.
Queen 'Album By Album'

Album By Album

Martin Popoff, 2018. 224 pages.
Queen 'Every Album, Every Song'

Every Album, Every Song

Andrew Wild, 2018. 144 pages.
Queen 'This Day In Music's Guide To Queen'

This Day In Music's Guide To Queen

Phil Chapman, 2019. 290 pages.
Queen 'Queen Pocket Diary 2021'

Queen Pocket Diary 2021

Fergal Kavanagh, 2020. 116 pages.
Queen 'Magnifico! The A To Z Of Queen'

Magnifico! The A To Z Of Queen

Mark Blake, 2021. 432 pages.
Queen 'Memories Of Brilliant Days'

Memories Of Brilliant Days

Watal Asanuma, 2021. 224 pages. This is a photobook, featuring photographs from the 'A Night At The Opera' recording sessions through to the 1982 Hot Space tour, with text in Japanese.