The Story Of Bohemian Rhapsody


First broadcast on the digital channel BBC 3 on 4 December 2004, and repeated extensively throughout December on the same channel.
First broadcast on terrestrial TV on BBC 2 at 9:40pm on 31 December 2004.
Length 57 minutes.

Narrated by Richard E. Grant
Executive Producer : Emma Worthington
Produced and directed by Carl Johnston

This is a new documentary focusing entirely on the track, exploring the recording, the video, its success and its meaning. It features brand new interviews with Brian and Roger, and takes them back to Monmouth Studios in Wales where the track was recorded. It also features some rare excerpts from the 24-track tapes, although many of these feature interviews over the top, or are mixed with other versions. Some of these excerpts (not all) appear on the bonus feature on 'Greatest Video Hits I'. The documentary is not divided into sections (nor advertisement breaks) so I have divided it appropriately below, with rare footage highlighted in red.


The History Of Queen

The Studio

The Recording

The Studio (pt 2) and The Single

The Video

Chart Success

The Meaning

After The Release